Are you aware? What does it mean to be aware? You are probably aware of what is going on in your area of expertise, what’s going on in the world, the life of your neighbour and so on. But what about you? Are you aware of who you are in the world? The persona you have built over time, with your wounds, your worries, your strengths? Are you aware of the place you take in the world, the role you occupy in your family system, your work, the character you have created to be in the world? I feel you, I was there. At some point in life, I did not know who I was, what I was doing or where I was going.

Very early we learn how we should, would, could do in life. We learn what people expect from us and we drive our life according to family, culture, environment rules.

At some point in life, we perceive ourselves in a carousel being carried away by someone or something else needs and we do not even know who we are anymore.

When I start to look at the way I reacted to things, the way I felt, how I was performing in life it blew me away. I notice a lot of similarities to the traits in my family I hate the most, I notice the same results over and over again. I started to study and I put together few theories that helped me to break the cycle of repeating behaviours, patterns and beliefs and really rebuilt myself honouring my history, my ancestors, and choosing to tell a different story to my kids, set them free from the hassle to carry my pain.

I invite you to be curious about your patterns and beliefs, to ask yourself if they are really yours if they were planted by someone else. Are your needs really yours? Tell me when did you first heard “you have to do that” to be happy? Are you following the instructions?

I challenge you to tell me what are the believes and patterns you are following and you are not sure if they are yours or you just inherited from someone. Tell me your story